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Are you tired of struggling with pain? Would you like improved function? At Trillium Spinal Care, we provide a very specific and gentle type of chiropractic called NUCCA care.

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Did you know that poor posture leads to pain, suffering, and other health problems? Structure controls function and it is vital to develop and maintain proper posture to eliminate pain and live a healthy life. Our team can help you reduce pain and increase function with specific, personalized care for you!

Common Conditions That Respond Well to NUCCA

Our unique form of chiropractic care allows us to restore body function. Our team can help you reduce pain and improve function by correcting your spinal misalignment.


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A concussion is a traumatic brain injury caused by a force to the head or neck and the long-term effects can be detrimental if the patient has not been given proper and timely care.


A whiplash injury can lead to long-lasting issues because of the effect it has on altering the position of the top bone in your neck. Many chronic pain situations can be traced back to a whiplash injury that was never correctly addressed.


Looking for relief from your migraine headaches? A NUCCA chiropractor aligns your atlas bone and this can be extremely effective for migraine relief and the symptoms associated with them. Remember, your migraines are not the result of an Imitrex deficiency!


Back pain can limit movement and keep you from doing the things you love. The vast majority of low back pain is caused by a structural imbalance; with NUCCA chiropractic care, we assess and correct your posture for the long term.


Fibromyalgia is a common, yet complex muscular disorder characterized by chronic, widespread pain and fatigue. NUCCA chiropractic care has been shown to drastically reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia and improve quality of life.


ADHD is a neurological disorder that responds well to the removal of nervous system interference. NUCCA chiropractic care is not a cure, but it can have positive changes for those affected by allowing healing and appropriate responses to stimuli.

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Hear What Our Patients Have to Say!

Dr. Stittleburg and his team are top notch. Extremely thorough evaluation and examination, the gentlest chiropractic care I've ever received, and sustained results that avoided lengthy and ongoing treatment. Fixed my posture issues and now I have no more back pain. Super impressed and can't recommend enough.
Andrew Slain
Andrew Slain
20:49 07 Mar 23
I highly recommend Dr. Kalan Stittleburg at Trillium Spinal Care! I had shoulder and hip pain for a few years and couldn't figure out how to make it go away. I was referred to Dr. Stittleburg and after my adjustments I've had no pain. He's amazing!
Nicole Morehart
Nicole Morehart
18:24 12 Jan 23
All I can say is wow!! Every time I go to Trillium Spinal Care, Dr. Stittleburg shows me how great Nucca is for our bodies by staying in alignment! Not only has Dr. Stittleburg helped me feel whole again after having back surgery but what really amazed me is how he helped my ONE WEEK old new born son. My wife was having a great birth, and our son was ready to join his mom and I into this beautiful world, so excited to hold him in our arms. Right when we thought everything was going well our son’s shoulder was stuck, his heart rate was dropping and the doctors had to do the best they could go get him out right away. Once he was out he wasn’t coming to very fast so they rushed him to get oxygen and check all his vitals. Thankfully our son was okay. After a couple day we noticed that our son wasn’t moving one arm do to his shoulder being stuck so we talked to Dr Stittleburg and he said he could do an adjustment on him. We were a little skeptical at first but we decided to visit him for the new born adjustment. About 10 to 20 minutes after getting home our son was moving his arm up past his head. We were simply amazed. We can’t say enough about Dr. Stittleburg and his practice. My family will be life long clients! Thanks Dr. Stittleburg!
Reid Miles
Reid Miles
04:50 14 Oct 22
Dr. Stittleburg is a master of his craft. My experience acquiring care at Trillium has been wonderful. He always gives his 100% undivided attention to the patient. His passion for his practice truly shows through when you spend time with him. My body has never felt better after getting into alignment!!!
Sawyer Lubke
Sawyer Lubke
17:30 29 Jul 21
I have had headaches and migraines for over 8 years. I have tried traditional chiropractic and was not seeing long term results. Since starting here I don't wake up with headaches and I have not had a migraine since I started. It has also helped with many other health issues including my stomach issues and I have more energy to take care of my familyDr. Stittleburg and his team are amazing and Lola is the sweetest dog. I would recommend you give Trillium Spinal Care a call today!
LuAnn DeFranco
LuAnn DeFranco
21:56 25 Jan 21

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We provide a free consultation that includes a one-on-one conversation focused on your medical history and objective measurements of your posture. This is an honest and straight-forward approach to determine if you are a good candidate for care. Pain and dysfunction are a fact of life. Suffering is optional.