Conditions That Respond Well to NUCCA Care

Common ailments include headaches, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, heartburn, constipation, sleep disorders, stress, ear infection, bed-wetting and asthma. Our team can help you reduce pain by correcting your spinal misalignment and creating a personalized care plan for you.

What is Upper Cervical Care?

What conditions can the Chiropractors at Trillium help with?


Allergies are a hyperactive immune response to what is considered a normal pathogen. People who do not have a reaction have a properly functioning immune system so they can adapt to an allergen. If your nervous system is operating at its optimal level then it will strengthen your immune system and allow for a more intelligent response to help your body adapt to different allergens. Getting rid of interference to the nervous system and letting it function naturally is the key to withstand or adapt to different types of allergens. We do not cure allergies, but we can help your body adapt to different challenges from the environment.

Low Back pain

Back pain can limit movement and keep you from doing the things you love! Some people ignore pain and this can progress into worsening spinal problems. The vast majority of low back pain is caused by structural distortion; we assess and correct your posture for the long term. Poor posture can lead to muscular imbalances, intervertebral disc degeneration, herniated discs, spondylolisthesis, and skeletal irregularities such as scoliosis. If your back pain is a structural issue, then we know we can help. Remember, structure affects function; when we correct your posture, it can alleviate a lot of unnecessary suffering and enhance a variety of daily functions.


Patients who suffer from asthma have reported improvement with chiropractic care. Since the diaphragm and lungs are the main components involved with breathing, interference between the nervous system and diaphragm/lungs can cause respiratory problems.
A research study conducted by the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation in 1997 showed how chiropractic care can benefit asthma patients. In this study, 81 children with asthma received chiropractic care. Of which 45% had a decrease of asthma attacks within 2 months and 31% decided to reduce the dosage of drugs and medication.


Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurological disorder. We help the nervous system function at its optimal level so that it can adapt to different types of stresses. We do not cure or treat ADHD but many patients have found NUCCA care to be helpful. We theorize that this is a result of removing pressure from the brainstem by aligning the neural canal. This has a direct affect on the parasympathetic nervous system and can alleviate feelings of restless anxiety.

Concussion Recovery

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury caused by a force to the head or neck. This can lead to a slow recovery, worsening symptoms, and post-concussive syndrome if not treated properly. A concussion can be caused by 70-80 G’s of force to the head and a whiplash can be caused by an impact of 3-4 G’s of force on the neck. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to have a concussion without also having a whiplash injury. This is significant because a whiplash injury affects the least stable part of the neck which happens to be the bone right underneath the skull. New concussion research is being published at an extraordinary rate and it continues to indicate that if a concussion is left untreated, it can drastically reduce the patient’s ability to a timely and complete recovery. At Trillium Spinal Care, we align that top bone in the neck (the atlas) to allow for the body to heal. The brain is fully capable of recovery, it just needs the neck to be in the correct position to do so. Learn more here.


A whiplash injury can lead to long-lasting issues because of the affect it has on altering the position of the first cervical vertebra. The top bone in your neck is most susceptible to a whiplash injury because it is the least stable joint in the spine; the cranio-cervical junction is also the most mobile joint in your spine. If your atlas bone is out of position following a whiplash injury, this alters your body’s cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow. CSF is a liquid that surrounds your central nervous system (CNS) and is responsible for delivering nutrients to and removing metabolic waste from the brain. This flow is present with every beat of your heart and if there is an obstruction it can lead to an incredible amount of neurological issues. NUCCA care can help restore proper position and motion at this essential joint. Many patients who have suffered a whiplash-type injury have found NUCCA care to be beneficial in their healing process. Learn more here.

Bed Wetting aka Nocturnal Enurisis

Urinating in one’s sleep due to an uncontrollable bladder can be very embarrassing to kids and frustrating to parents. Usually as children approach the age of 5, they have better control of their bladder and are able to wake up instead of urinating while asleep. If your child is having these issues, there could be an underlying reason why they are unable to control it. Sometimes a minor fall, sports collision, or even a difficult birth can cause a misalignment that interferes with the function of muscles that control the bladder. If the nerve supply to these muscles is compromised, the child will have limited bladder control.

A study published on Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics [1994, 17(9):596-600] showed positive benefits of chiropractic care. The study was comprised of 46 children who were bed-wetters. The treatment group was exposed to 10 week period of chiropractic care and
25% of children had a 50% reduction of frequency of bed-wetting.


Looking for relief from your migraine headaches? In need of a chiropractor for migraines? Migraines are surprisingly common but they should never be considered “normal.” It is common to try to treat a migraine with an assortment of pain medications and injections but you should be reminded that your migraine is not a result of an Imitrex or Botox deficiency in your body. In addition, many migraine sufferers incorrectly assume that their “triggers” are what cause their migraines. It is important to understand that a trigger is not a cause; if the trigger were a true cause then anyone who experienced a loud noise or drank red wine (two common triggers) would experience a migraine. If you have specific triggers that lead to migraines, it is because your body has not been able to adapt to that particular stimulus. Similar to a hyper-active allergic response, if you have your neural canal aligned and let the body heal, any number of triggers can become enjoyable experiences. Learn more here.


Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine; it may be first noticed when clothing does not fit properly due to a high shoulder or twisted hips. If a minor scoliotic curvature is able to progress into a more severe angle, it can become quite symptomatic. Without appropriate intervention, scoliosis can lead to a permanent deformity negatively affecting breathing, blood circulation, and other internal organs. NUCCA care works to improve the structure of your spine and thus the function of your entire body.


The sciatic nerve is one of the largest nerves of the human body; sciatic nerve pain (AKA sciatica) is characterized by radiating leg pain. Most commonly, one or more discs in your spine will bulge or herniate, thus exerting pressure on this nerve causing inflammation, muscle spasms, and pain. This means the pain usually starts in your lower back (where the problem is) but will then travel down into your buttocks, upper leg, knee, calf, and even into your foot. It is important to recognize that while the disc is contributing to your pain, it is not the CAUSE of your pain. The cause of your pain is postural; if you are standing in a contorted position, then the disc will essentially be squeezed into an area that puts pressure on your spinal nerves. If your posture is corrected, then your disc has the ability to return to its proper anatomical position and alleviate the symptoms of sciatica. At Trillium Spinal Care, we use the NUCCA protocol to correct posture and align the spine.


Fibromyalgia affects muscles and soft tissue. It is characterized by pain that is felt at multiple places of the body and accompanied by sleep problems, chronic fatigue and depression. This condition is more commonly found in women but men have been known to experience it as well. People suffering from fibromyalgia are known to have headaches and temperomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Many patients have found NUCCA care to be beneficial as it strengthens the immune system and holds the body in its correct position giving the patient more energy and comfort.


Temperomandibular joint disorder can cause pain and reduce mobility in your jaw joint and the muscles surrounding that area. TMJ disorder can be associated with symptoms such as facial pain, popping and clicking with jaw movement, pain in and around the ear, difficulty opening and closing the mouth as well as fatigue from chewing food. NUCCA care has been shown to affect the bite pattern of patients who are misaligned. By aligning the posture with the skull and upper neck, NUCCA patients have been found to experience a change in their head position and a decrease in the symptoms involved with TMJ.


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