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We strive to provide the highest quality Chiropractic Care possible to all of our patients. At Trillium Spinal Care, we provide gentle and effective care that works. See some of our patients’ experiences below!

“Was living with neck and shoulder pain for about a year. I was going to a chiropractor consistently but, the pain never went away completely. I went to see Dr. Amanthi, after the first visit I felt such relief! I kept going to the follow up visits and it was gone! Not even a faint but if pain. This girl is the real deal! Not only is she a spectacular chiropractor, she is one of the most kind and caring people I have ever met. I wish she was still in my area!!!”

Lyndsey E.

“Dr. Stittleburg was the first person to introduce me to NUCCA. It was a truly life changing experience. The gentle adjustment instantly cleared the pain I was having in my neck and upper back. I can’t thank him enough.”

Brian C.

“Excellent doctors who listen to patients, and try to get to the root cause. Dr. Amanthi is an extremely caring person who would be an asset to your family!”

Anthony S.

“Excellent doctor! Excellent care! Dr. Kalan truly takes the time to listen to his patients and get to the CAUSE of your problem. I would highly recommend Dr. Kalan and Trillium Spinal care!”

Mark H.

“Excellent quality of care, Dr. Kalan helped me with my neck pain from a rugby injury and got me back on the pitch with confidence. Highly reccomend the care at Trillium Spinal Care.”

Matt W.

“I have a painful condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia. Under Dr. Stittleburg’s care, I finally experienced total relief from pain for the first time in five years! I no longer take any prescription drugs. I truly appreciate his attention to my individual condition.”

Lisa W.
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